Alessia Rooftop Dayclub: a day you’ll never forget

Playa del Carmen is synonymous with party and fun, therefore, if you are visiting this destination or just looking to spend a pleasant time full of good music, delicious food and the best beach atmosphere, at Alessia Rooftop Dayclub you will find what you are looking for.

And, located in the heart of Fifth Avenue, this club in Playa del Carmen has to offer you an experience of luxury and fun in which, in addition to a great atmosphere, from our rooftoop you can enjoy the stunning panoramic views that the Riviera Maya has. And best of all, you don’t need to be staying at the hotel to enjoy this party atmosphere. Since the day pass service is available to the general public, with a schedule of 11 in the morning to 7 in the afternoon.

In that sense, here are some amenities that you can enjoy at Alessia Rooftop Dayclub through your day pass in Playa del Carmen, which we are sure will make your day a fantastic moment.

Exquisite gastronomy
In its menu you will find from the most famous entrees, such as guacamole and the inevitable boneless, to oysters, tuna toast and ceviche; And if Japanese food is your thing, we’re sure you’ll love edamames.

You can also enjoy a wide selection of salads, sandwiches, poke bowls, sushi and pizza. If you’re vegan or vegetarian, don’t worry, there are delicious options made without animal products.

We know that after a good meal, you will always have a craving for a little candy. Andhere you can enjoy desserts such as fruit, cheesecake, or an exquisite chocolate cake.

Wide selection of drinks
As there can be no party without a good drink, in Alessia you will find the best selection of spirits, such as tequila, rum, whiskey and vodka, among others. All of them can be found by the glass or by the bottle. Now, if non-alcoholic drinks are your thing, there is a wide range of soft drinks, water, and even coffee or tea.

And if you are partying, what better than to opt for a good wine or champagne to celebrate a special occasion.

Party and fun
Alessia has created an exclusive environment for adults only, and is that, in addition to the stunning panoramic views of the Riviera Maya, it has an infinity pool with a bar, where the best pool parts in the area are created. You already know a perfect place to sunbathe while enjoying DJ music and celebrating all kinds of occasions such as bachelorette parties, birthdays and anniversaries.

Alessia Rooftop Dayclub has round beds, raised divans and cabanas, perfect for a good weekend as a couple. Good music, relaxation, exquisite food, and a wide selection of drinks, what else is needed to enjoy Playa del Carmen?

Our packages
For added convenience, this beach club has packages specially designed to make your experience an even more memorable moment.

1. Alessia Vibes
For four people, this package includes a bottle of house wine, as well as mixers, energy drinks, tasting menu and access to the beds.

2. Alessia Deluxe Experience
It includes two bottles of house wine, mixers, energy drinks, tasting menu, as well as access to round or raised beds. This package is for six people.

3. Alessia Premium Experience
You’ll enjoy two bottles of premium wine, mixers, energy drinks, a bottle of champagne, tasting menu, as well as access to the six-person cabins.

4. Alessia Ultimate Experience
If a larger party is your thing, this is the ideal package for you, as it includes three bottles of premium wine, mixers, energy drinks, two bottles of champagne and the entrance to a private party cabin, all this for 15 people.

As you may have noticed, the Alessia Rooftop Dayclub day pass is a great way to enjoy Playa del Carmen, from delicious food to a thoroughly festive atmosphere. This is the ideal place for those who have the soul of the party inside and want to share it with locals and strangers.

Whether you decide on packages or just purchase your day pass, at Alessia we are committed to making you enjoy every little detail of your stay.

So now you know, the Alessia Rooftop Dayclub is a way to create new memories in Playa del Carmen, share with the people you love and, above all, celebrate, whether it is an event or why not? just enjoy the wonders that the Riviera Maya has to offer all types of visitors.